Relationships & Communication Mastery Seminar



Heal/ Improve/ Strengthen every relationship you have ever had in just ten hours!


Join us virtually or in-person at Lilly Fields Wellness Destination in Hawkinsville, GA, February 23-24, 2024 as we welcome John and Narelle Cannan to Lilly Fields!

John and Narelle have not only been very close friends for over a decade, but have provided impactful and life changing wisdom to myself, our family, and countless of our students and clients!

As we sail through the storms of life, it is easy to sink into almost indiscernible layers of protectiveness.  But protecting ourselves from further hurt and disappointment also shields us from love and abundance. 

The 9 Agreements workshop will assist you in unraveling layers of protectiveness that are keeping you from the vibrant life you were born for. For couples - this means fully relating to your spouse, free of misunderstandings, expectations and disappointments. For singles - it means becoming open to a relationship vs. protective, disheartened, discouraged or afraid.  

The 9 Agreements training instills a greater sense of encouragement, peace, balance and accountability - all of which lead to the life and relationships you want. This workshop includes a lively and uplifting series of conversations, demonstrating the practical use of these principles in every moment, and in every situation.

"I attended John and Narelle's workshop as a 21 year old woman, and it completely changed the trajectory of relationships in my adulthood. 

I witnessed communication methods I had never seen before, I was walked through techniques of introspection that would later save me from many unnecessary fights and heartache. I learned how to build my partner up instead of tear them down when making requests for behavior modification. I felt empowered to know what to say and do when I would have otherwise shut down. This education is a GAME-CHANGER. 

We hope for everyone to receive this kind of training as soon as possible. It provides us with tools to break free from emotional co-dependence and learn how to use our voices to create more love in this world - both to give others, and especially to enjoy firsthand." -Amy Sprouse


FRIDAY, February 23 6:30PM-8:30PM

The Way To a Man’s Heart /  The Way To a Woman’s Heart: How to Keep Superman Flying & The Queen Reigning!

  • Male and female hidden archetypes & what motivates each sex.
  • How we inadvertently program those we love toward negative behavior.
  • Inspiring your partner to speak your “love language.”
  • Understanding and embracing male and female personality paradoxes.
  • What a woman wants and needs more than anything else.
  • What a man wants and needs more than anything else.


SATURDAY, February 24 9:30AM-6:30PM

(1 hour lunch break, lunch not included) 
The 9 Agreements 9 Self-Evident Views Of Your Life & Relationships 
  • Peel back layers of protection that are shielding you from the life and the love you want. 

  • Discover spiritual treasures that may be hiding in your most frustrating relationships. 

  • Strengthen your commitment to principles and practices that will heal and build your relationships.

COST: $79 per person or $150 for two!
Come in person or join us on Zoom for just $49! 



CAN’T WAIT to see you there! 

- Karen, Amy, Lilly and the Lilly Fields Team!
(cell lovers unite!)



Travel and housing are not covered nor provided. See below for travel and housing options.  

We do not have Wi-Fi on the premises (cell service works fine out here)

Location, Zoom link, and what to bring will be sent to you after purchase.  

Register by choosing the option below that best suits you!

Travel and Housing

Atlanta is the largest airport nearby. It is about a 2-3 hour drive to Lilly Fields. Below are some travel options to help your planning to go smoothly!

Ride options: 

Rent a car from the airport. Go to the Skool community to interact with other students and arrange a ride share. 


Groome Transportation This shuttle will take you to and from Atlanta airport to Warner Robins, GA, which is approximately 30 minutes from Lilly Fields. You can either arrange Uber for pick up or rent a car in Warner Robins. 


Uber Hawkinsville-call Yousrah at (757)202-2510


Housing Options: all options are a short distance from Lilly Fields


Peach State Inn and Suites 


Loyalty Inn


Airbnb Hawkinsville- connect with other students in Skool to collaborate a stay


Hillside RV -has cabins available


Sunset Pines RV


Woodland RV and Resort 

Twin Oaks RV Park