"I cannot have a rigid agenda and then ask God to guide my life!" ~Amy Sprouse

Lilly Fields Center

A Faith-Based 67-Acre Regenerative Agriculture Retreat Center in Central Georgia

Your Healing Destination


Our vision at Lilly Fields is to teach farm-to-table cooking classes and get people reconnected to the land. Get ready to experience food like you have never experienced it before! Come garden with us, learn with us, make foods with us, eat with us… yes, it's a GARDEN PARTY! Why the focus on food?  Because FOOD CAN BE YOUR MEDICINE AND MEDICINE CAN BE YOUR FOOD! 


The mission of the FARM at Lilly Fields is to awaken people's taste buds, expand the varieties of foods people are exposed to, inspire home cultivation, offer life-changing hands-on experiences in the garden and teach seed saving to preserve the precious varieties of plants on earth! We can have a hand in our future and in the future of humanity!


You've heard of the Fountain of Youth? Here at Lilly Fields we are creating the Fountain of HEALTH!! Our pool contains four membranes sending frequencies to rejuvenate and balance the body. In addition, the pool will offer ozone, UV lights and 600 pounds of Zeolite to support the body's natural healing process! Come see for yourself and experience the wonders of Living Waters at Lilly Fields!

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Take Your Health Back Into Your Own Hands!

Your Primary Care Begins With YOU!
Holistic Health Educators (HHE) is an Online School of Natural Medicine that is proudly headquartered at Lilly Fields. HHE certifies Holistic Health Coaches and Therapeutic Nutritional Counselors. Lilly Fields provides a physical meeting space for in-person classes, retreats, certification courses, and workshops. Learn more about Holistic Health Educators.
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If you would like to make a donation to this nonprofit organization, please reach out to us on our "Contact Us" page and we will reach out to you personally. Thank you for your interst in supporting our mission.

Donations are tax-exempt as Lilly Fields is a 508c1a faith-based entity.


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