Volunteer Guidelines – (Updated July 2023)

Welcome to Lilly Fields!  We are so glad you came to join us at our regenerative permaculture farm! This letter is designed to explain our volunteer program along with a basic overview of the practices and procedures on the property.

Volunteers are one of the greatest resources we have at Lilly Fields! People like you, who give their time, energy, and talents to provide help and inspire hope, are essential to our ability to deliver quality services and good. THANK YOU!

You will have the opportunity to use and enhance your skills, gain valuable experience from both professionals in the agricultural and health fields, and live in what we call heaven on earth!

We strive to provide our volunteers with a positive work environment. In return, we expect you to honor your commitments, respect other staff members and volunteers, and perform your assigned duties to the best of your abilities.

Our volunteers participate by:

  • supporting farming, weeding, and planting
  • helping with projects
  • assisting with repairs
  • assisting with special events and retreats
  • marketing and sales (handing out flyers if you like!)

 Work/Exchange Program

Our work exchange program includes working a minimum 25 hours a week Monday- Saturday between the hours of 7-10 am and 3-5 pm. while receiving:

  • Lodging
  • Dinner in the main house at 6pm Monday – Saturday. We rotate who is preparing the meal, so please check with Jasmine for the volunteer night to help.
  • Basics for lunch and Sunday dinner can be found in the volunteer area.
  • Use of the main house and complex (pool, basketball courts) between 5 pm and 8-9 pm. Please note you must rinse off with the outside hose or shower prior to using the pool. No sweat allowed please!
  • Use of the Labyrinth, pond, and meadow from 10 am -7 pm. We ask for respect and privacy for those staying in the boat house and lower RV. Please do not go down to the lower grounds, pond, or boat house, until after 10 am and please leave by 7 pm.

We have a place for you to stay with a shower, bathroom, laundry, and small kitchen area.  Laundry and kitchen facilities are available from 7 am to 10 pm. 

While we are happy you will be with us, before inviting friends, family, or any guest or visitors, approval is required. 

Interested in volunteering?

Please complete this form!



ZuZu, Lilly, Amy, and Lana! 


Location: Lilly Fields Center 340 Columbus Hwy. Hawkinsville, GA 31036