Electroculture Gardening System & MORE!

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2023

As of June 2nd:

  • WE ARE HAVING TOOOO MUCH  FUN! Ok, there is this CUTE little outbuilding that we wanted to do something charming with sooo....we called it Harmony's Snack Shack, painted it two shades of blue, and the girls have the cutest ideas for decorating!
  • Sometimes you just go with a crazy idea because it seems too incredible not to! Our new electroculture gardening system is just that! The entire watering system and each of the sprinkler heads are being set to create the sacred geometry Flower of Life, while at the same time doing the electroculture watering! Using copper to conduct the ether, this is not only a MUST see (stunning), but can you imagine the size and taste of what will come out of this acre bed? 
  • In our berry patch, the berries that had 5 ft. metal columns conducting the electricity from the ether are growing the thickest, most abundant berries and the plants are literally 2-3 feet taller than all the rest of the plants that do not have the metal structure! Much more to come on electroculture gardening...you will learn more at our gardening retreat!
  • WANT TO WORK/PLAY? If you are single, married, or even want to bring your responsible kids and volunteer at Lilly Fields, please let us know by contacting us HERE! 

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