NEWSLETTER 8/2/23 Class, Farmers Market and why Hawkinsville?

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2023
  • Farmers Market this THURSDAY
  • CLASS Next Thursday: Cleaning up the Sewer and Delivery System of the Body AKA – the LYMPHATIC System!
  • We are Hiring!

Farmers Market is this week from 5-7:30ish pm We are holding the Farmers Market outside the same location as our store at 340 Columbus Hwy.  FREE BOOTH space is available if you want to sell anything! Park, shop, visit with friends, make new ones, and leave happy! We would love to have live music in a few weeks, do you know any local bands or artists? Please share if you do.

August 10 6:30 pm: Cleaning the Sewer and Delivery Systems of Your Body! Eliminating The Sludge In The Blood, Cleansing The Lymphatic System, Tending to Your Small Intestine and Loving (And Cleaning) Your Colon! This class is a must attend, first-step-class if you want to start your detoxifying journey, eliminate allergies, remove dis-eased cells (you are killing cancer cells daily and they need to be removed!), or are looking for more vibrant health. Guess what!? If you do not eliminate waste, it gets reabsorbed! Learn the 6-steps to ending constipation, how to move and strengthen the lymphatic system, and get the body ready for true healing. We eliminate through four channels; skin, urine, stool, and lungs. Enjoy a lively class on how to do just that! No registration required, just come to this FREE CLASS held in our studio at 340 Columbus Hwy, Hawkinsville.


Master Gardeners with Profit Share: It has been a whirlwind of gardening excitement. The electroculture garden is stunning and producing much quicker than growing times expect, four of our 6 greenhouses are built, the permaculture pond is dug, and dozens more acres are ready for the next step...the hiring of Master Gardeners! Today we film with the drone to create a promotional video looking for the best applicants. If you know anyone who may be interested, please pass this along and have them fill out the application form below. TY!

CNA: We are hiring someone who can help from 12pm – 3pm Monday-Friday.  Our super enjoyable 81-year-old aunt Lana, who lived in Vegas for 50 years (so amazing story time is inevitable) goes to the Chiropractor three times a week. We are looking for help with driving to appointments and tending to lunch and light housekeeping. Interested? Please fill out our application form or text/call 262-227-6407.  Thank you! (More hours may be available in our Wellness Center in the near future.)

Kitchen Manager:  We are in the middle of building our licensed kitchen! We have it roughed plumbed and the electricians came today. We are ready for the new floor, coolers, and counters. We will be making foods and selling local and online, as well as tincturing and re-creating our own herbal line of supplements. (Master Herbalists please apply for that too!) ! If interested in helping or managing the kitchen, please fill out the application form. 


People always ask, why did you choose Hawkinsville?  Our reply will never change, we didn't, God chose Hawkinsville.  

I travelled almost a year in my RV wrapped in photos of DNA, awesome looking organs and glands, and sporting the words WE LOVE YOUR GUTS looking throughout the country for the perfect place to start a farm and retreat center.  I certainly would not have thought twice about Hawkinsville had I driven through it, no offense of course, but I never saw the city or even had the chance! Amy, our realtor, and I saw the listing last December. We headed south on 75 from north GA and drove down Hwy 341 turning right on Lovers Lane, left on Columbus Hwy,  and then a quick left into the driveway and immediately God filled every one of my cells with…YOU ARE HOME.

We knew it before we even got out of the RV to meet the sellers relator.

Hundreds of people have already told us how happy they are we are here too, so we FEEL at home!

THANK YOU for making us feel so welcome,

We are excited to share the future with you!


Zuzu, Amy, Lilly, and Lana

Believing life started and comes from, the garden.


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