Where Does The Rainbow End? The Answer & More Lilly Fields Updates!

Uncategorized May 01, 2023



Yes, we truly are at the end of the rainbow!

As of May 1st:

  • Just started plowing the field - we had to plow it 7 times because the grass and “herbs” (ok weeds) had taken over!

  • Tree trimmers came, taking trailers of trees/branches. They really cleaned up the property beautifully
  • We designed all of the signs to post throughout the property to indicate names of roads and places
  • 44,000 lbs. of zeolite was just delivered (for soil, pond, and river regeneration, as well as supplementation) You get a deal when you buy in bulk! 😂
  • Raised garden beds were planted with herbs and lettuces!
  • Officially finished the stage in the educational studio

We'll be hosting and posting another "update video tour" in the next couple weeks! Stay tuned! 💙


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