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Uncategorized Aug 02, 2023

ENJOY our Natural Health Blog at Holistic Health Educators! 

Rather than reposting information here on the Lilly Fields website that we mention in our free classes, much of the information is already posted on the HHE blog. 



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NEWSLETTER 8/2/23 Class, Farmers Market and why Hawkinsville?

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2023
  • Farmers Market this THURSDAY
  • CLASS Next Thursday: Cleaning up the Sewer and Delivery System of the Body AKA – the LYMPHATIC System!
  • We are Hiring!

Farmers Market is this week from 5-7:30ish pm We are holding the Farmers Market outside the same location as our store at 340 Columbus Hwy.  FREE BOOTH space is available if you want to sell anything! Park, shop, visit with friends, make new ones, and leave happy! We would love to have live music in a few weeks, do you know any local bands or artists? Please share if you do.

August 10 6:30 pm: Cleaning the Sewer and Delivery Systems of Your Body! Eliminating The Sludge In The Blood, Cleansing The Lymphatic System, Tending to Your Small Intestine and Loving (And Cleaning) Your Colon! This class is a must attend, first-step-class if you want to start your detoxifying journey, eliminate allergies, remove dis-eased cells (you are killing cancer cells daily and they need to be removed!), or are looking for more...

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Over A Thousand Vegetables & Herbs Planted..... And MORE UPDATES!

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2023

Five days of growth! It's all about the amendments and the water! 

As of June 7th:

  • Shoutout to Marlaina! She has been helping to get the wellness center up and running
  • If you have interest in participating in the 5 or 10 day Wellness Stay using the hyperbaric chamber, sauna, Living Waters Pool and the other amazing equipment - please email us at [email protected]
  • Join us for YOGA at Lilly Fields, Saturdays and Wednesdays at 8:00 am (ET)  
  • We started over a thousand vegetables and herbs this week - planting more next week!
  • We look forward to having YOU come for retreats - making your own medicine from our herb garden!
  • Come work/play with us! We welcome single, married, and responsible kids to volunteers at Lilly Fields. If interested, please contact us HERE!

Behind the scenes set-up of our extensive Living Waters pool: 

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Electroculture Gardening System & MORE!

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2023

As of June 2nd:

  • WE ARE HAVING TOOOO MUCH  FUN! Ok, there is this CUTE little outbuilding that we wanted to do something charming with sooo....we called it Harmony's Snack Shack, painted it two shades of blue, and the girls have the cutest ideas for decorating!
  • Sometimes you just go with a crazy idea because it seems too incredible not to! Our new electroculture gardening system is just that! The entire watering system and each of the sprinkler heads are being set to create the sacred geometry Flower of Life, while at the same time doing the electroculture watering! Using copper to conduct the ether, this is not only a MUST see (stunning), but can you imagine the size and taste of what will come out of this acre bed? 
  • In our berry patch, the berries that had 5 ft. metal columns conducting the electricity from the ether are growing the thickest, most abundant berries and the plants are literally 2-3 feet taller than all the rest of the plants that do not have the...
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Mother's Day & Update At Lilly Fields

Uncategorized May 26, 2023


Founding Family at Lilly Fields!

As of May 24th:

  • We thought it would be a good idea to build a corral to start training our horses...but, they don't like it! Our freedom-loving horses are NOT fans!
  • Thanks to Eric, Karen's technically amazing son, 12 more outdoor security cameras have been installed. The extra security gives us additional peace of mind on all this beautiful land!
  • We painted and decorated our volunteer area, which includes an eating area, shower and bathroom. We are also putting in a laundry area. Do you know anyone in the area that has a stackable washer/dryer they would like to donate? Please let us know HERE! - it's tax deductible!
  • We have volunteers coming to help us all summer long! If you would like to volunteer, please let us know by contacting us HERE!
  • We started renovating the tool shed and prep barn area.
  • Harvested our first blueberries, strawberries and radishes!


Cute Emilio (3 months old) rolled over for the first time,...

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Lilly Fields Update - Mud Wrestling?!

Uncategorized May 16, 2023


As of May 15th:

  • We had to pack the pond to hold water so why not mud wrestle?!!

  • Our fields had their final tills, and we are installing our watering system as LITERALLY the shape of the sacred geometry circle of life!

  • We harvested our first produce: perfect radishes....and blueberries!


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Lilly Fields May Retreat Recap!

Uncategorized May 12, 2023


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first retreat at Lilly Fields Retreat Center in Hawkinsville, Georgia! What a phenomenal event! Not only did we cover detoxification, but we had a dance party, learned all about herbal medicines and medicinal plants growing in our preserve, watched 14 baby gosling's double in size, enjoyed the living waters pool, made so much food we never wanted to leave the kitchen, and created incredible friends for life!

Mark your calendar for the next cooking extravaganza with Amy & Zuzu, June 19th through the 23rd! This is a summer cooking camp for youth and adults ages 10 and up. Watch for details!

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The Signs Arrived!

Uncategorized May 11, 2023

We've got 30 new signs to post around the property. We LOVE them! What do you think of them?

Next time you visit Lilly Fields, keep an eye out for them!

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Live At Lilly Fields Studio Tomorrow!

Uncategorized May 10, 2023

Free Community Webinar or join us Live at Lilly Fields Studio (Hawkinsville, GA)


Diabetes is still on the rise and for no good reason! Join us tonight for answers on how to reverse type 2 diabetes in under three weeks, and how to reduce the need for insulin for type 1  drastically -  if not COMPLETELY! Understanding metabolism, sugars, insulin, the pancreas, and the why’s behind diabetes will be explained so well you will be able to recite it to your friends and family with confidence. Join us at 6:30 Eastern time and let us help you create a diabetic free body!

Register for the zoom link HERE!


Update: You can watch the replay HERE!

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Where Does The Rainbow End? The Answer & More Lilly Fields Updates!

Uncategorized May 01, 2023



Yes, we truly are at the end of the rainbow!

As of May 1st:

  • Just started plowing the field - we had to plow it 7 times because the grass and “herbs” (ok weeds) had taken over!

  • Tree trimmers came, taking trailers of trees/branches. They really cleaned up the property beautifully
  • We designed all of the signs to post throughout the property to indicate names of roads and places
  • 44,000 lbs. of zeolite was just delivered (for soil, pond, and river regeneration, as well as supplementation) You get a deal when you buy in bulk! 😂
  • Raised garden beds were planted with herbs and lettuces!
  • Officially finished the stage in the educational studio

We'll be hosting and posting another "update video tour" in the next couple weeks! Stay tuned! 💙

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